Our ad script writing service engages in your ad campaign building our experts in grabbing attention, creating emotions and emotional connection to produce powerful ads

Ad Script Writing


Ad Script Writing

On YouTube or on Facebook, as a shrewd business-owner or executive, you know the potential of modern online advertising. Is your business using this powerful way of gettings lots of leads? With the quantity of ad that web users will see every day on the internet now, it is more and more difficult to catch their attention. Our Ad Script Writing service involves in your ad campaign building our experts in attention-grabbing, creating emotions and emotional connection to produce powerful ads.

Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in marketing, social media, and advertising. Make your advertising campaign incredibly successful, we know how to speak to your audience. The delivered message of your ad will 100% align with your audience personality, using the language your target customers expect to hear, pointing out their problem or need to finally expose your solution.

What will your expertise bring to the writing of my script?

We know from knowledge and experience how to:
• Align your ad with your company vision and identity
• Gets consumers attention
• Deliver a clear, concise and understandable message
• Touch consumers emotions
• Build brand recognition
• Urge your target customer to buy

What are the key components that will make my ad successful?

Our team produces innovating ad scripts based on a strategy with a proven efficacy, which includes these key points:
• attention-grabbing sentence
• captivating taglines
• needs and pain points highlighting
• emotional keywords
• product or service promotion
• call-to-action (CTA)

What are the questions my company needs to answer before script writing?

In accordance with our core values – Human, Holistic and Helpful – we will have a close look at your goals, needs, interrogations and your return-on-investment all along the ad script writing process. We are here to help you to answer these questions:
• What is my product or service all about?
• Who is my target audience?
• What is the problem we are solving?
• How do we solve, what do we offer?
• What action should the viewer take after watching my ad?

You can find out here 5 rules for effective commercial script writing.

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